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Now going into its 8th year, the Sunshine Gallery at the Paisley Shopping Centre Market, exhibits a wide diversity of talents and skills from Renfrewshire artists, selling original artwork and limited prints. Please purchase online, with our new paypal shopping cart

Every Buddie in the Artwork 2017
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I would like to say thanks to the Paisley Daily Express for the above articles. to Hamishes Hoose Paisley who are in their position and also thanks to Lawrence Gilgallon who is 1 of the main lead characters and in place and at the front. With recent bookings to be in the original painting from Lee's Diner, Cafe Su and Margrets Boutique with small tents, along with Brian Kerr to be standing at the Barshaw Park pond with a wee boat.

To participate in this unique and original artwork of Barshaw Park. Please come into Sunshine Gallery at the Paisley Centre Market (on the middle floor) or email your details

Looking down from the hill at Barshaw Park on a summers day, over the pond with Paisley Architecture in the background. you or your family can be in this small time capsual and unique original artwork, which will also depict Paisley History, here you can be painted, as a small "Lowry" character with your unique number so that you know where you are, for the artist to place you in the painting, maybe playing a guitar or to even to be on the small train.

With your ticket you are automatically entered into a free prize draw for a framed signed limited print

If you wish your business /organisation to be in this unique opportunity or to be as 1 of the main characters, please book your own painted stall or tent with your business name/title asp as this will help in layout and design. We will also link to your web address (optional)

Just before Christmas, once completed the original artwork will then go on auction for charity in December 2017, prints will also be available.

To give an idea, of what is meant by a "Lowry Character" This is big Alan Lyndsey local Paisley Actor, Singer and Poet, who you may remember from such a Band called "The Suns".
Below I have began just to work on the outline to give an idea of the painting, when completed the final artwork will be full of colour and movement on a summers day. Maybe with a picnic at the very front looking down into the painting
Artwork Size 32" x 40"
Hamishes Hoose Development 1
Paisley Background outline
Development 1
Development 1
Small train outline
Original Barshaw Park Artwork
Price Map
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5
Please Book your place in the original artwork
All the information that is requrie is bodyshape, hair colour and clothing as this is just a small representation of you and character
Option 1

Very Small Character

Option 2 Small Character £3
Option 3 Medium just a bit bigger £5
Option 4 In a bit more detail £10
Option 5 Main Character (photograph required for this option only) £150
Option 6 On the small train 12 space available £25
Option 7 Small Tent in area 4 £50
Option 8 Small Stall in area 4 £50
Option 9 Smaller Stall in area 2 £25

Don't worry, If you are now abroad you still can be in this Painting of Barshaw Park Paisley Scotland

Just email your details for a unique number and make easy payment with PayPal
Please Book your place in the Paisley Barshaw Park Artwork
Buddies in Art
It's Fast, Free and Secure
How it works.  

As this is an original painting, where time will be taken for completion and then to be auctioned, with the proceeds going to a charity in December 2017.

With conformation you will be given a unique number, with your details and number, the artist will then put your number in your position in the painting, which will allow the artist time to continue with detail such as hair colour and clothing.

It would be great to get everybody in the original artwork as a small time capsule, to which I hope you all will participate and to please share.

The painting will work in 5 sections with "Lowry" characters in deep perspective and more detail applied to each character as they get closer in perspective.

There will be various promotional opportunities for various organisation, businesses and charities, with their own illustrated marque and title.

Just before Christmas, once completed the original artwork will then go on auction for charity on the 18/12/2017

Kind Regards and thanks for your time


Please also view the Scenic Paisley 21 Silk Scarf

Scenic Paisley


People and businesses Currently Participating  
Number Who's in the crowd Position in the Painting
01 Hamishes Hoose Paisley Small Tent near the front
02 Lawrence Gilgallon Main Character at the front
03 Brian Kerr At the pond with a boat
04 John Smith Coming up the hill with camera
05 Paul Black Near Hamishes with a dog
06 Maureen and Child At the swing park
07 Margaret On path at the cross road
08 Mrs Pinker and Husband On Path near swing park
09 Susan and child On the milddle of the path going up the hill
10 George Eston Near Cafe Su on the path
11 Cafe Su Small tent near the front
12 Margrets Boutique Small stall just behind Hamishes tent
13 Evelyn Byars (My Mum) On the path near the main gates
14 Lee's Diner Tent near skateboard park
15 Jim Potts Hamishes tent and in front of my own stall in the painting
16 Diane Potts "
17 Daughter 1 "
18 Daughter 2 "

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