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Welcome to G. Byars Art & Design Studio and The Sunshine Gallery  

Now going into its 8th year, the Sunshine Gallery at the Paisley Shopping Centre Market, exhibits a wide diversity of talents and skills from Renfrewshire artists, selling original artwork and limited prints. Please purchase online, with our new paypal shopping cart

Artist for the Charleston Drum Sma Shot Day 1986 - 2017
Artist for the Charleston Drum Sma Shot Day 1986 - 2017
Charleston Drum 1986
D. Alexander
Paisley Provost Anne Hall
The Drum with various MP's
Paisley Daily Express 1986
Various clips
Barshaw Park
Sma Shot Day 1986/2017
Tony Painting in Holyrood
St. Mirren 1959 D. Lapley
St. Mirren J. Goodwin
Tomo & Goodwin
Tony with artwork
Buddies in the picture 3
Buddies in the picture 2
Buddies in the picture 4
Bringing Sunshine
Hung in Edinbrugh
Paisley in Holyrood
Wall of stigma Concept
Wall of Stigma Team
Proud David
Let Sunshine in
Sunshine Gallery
Buddies Painting
Stigma Art project
Royal Reception
Shell Livewire
First Painting in a Gallery
Meeting Prince Charles
Elvis in Paisley
Hamishes Hoose world Cup

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Blondie Sold
Handpainted Pop art Made to Order
Sunshine Gallery
Italian Mirror
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