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Welcome To Scenic Paisley  
In 1986 G Byars worked as the artists and researcher for the Sma Shot Day Festival Team, this is where he began to build a keen interest in Paisley's history and decided to concentrate his skills in promoting Paisley Scotland and from here original artworks have been commissioned and sold. Leading to the set up of the Sunshine Gallery in 2009 providing exhibitions space to the local community and now with a variety of new Paisley designed products and with more to come...  
Scenic Paisley Limited Prints and A6 Gift cards  
Taken from orginal artwork, these unique Scenic Paisley Prints. are available as 8" x 10" prints and also as A6 Gift Cards with a brief history insert View More....
Scenic Paisley 21 Scarf for the UK and Europe  
This unique Silk Sensation scarf, are made with soft, luxurious fabric and will add a bold, modern statement to any wardrobe; Each piece is uniquely designed custom-made stitched, hand-finished and packaged, with care to reach your doorstep within in about 1 - 2 weeks (UK).  
Please visit Scenic Paisley Art Prints for images of the 21 scenes of Paisley  
Paisley's Going International with The Vida Collection (USA)  
The Vida Collection are bringing a part of Paisley Scotland to the USA (please note these scarves are not the same as the above Scenic 21 scarf)  
Get Smart in Paisley Pattern Gentlemen's Ties (made to order)  
Paisley Pattern Umbrella NEW ITEM BEING PRODUCED  
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