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Scenic Paisley 21 Silk Scarf    
From original Artwork Scenic Paisley    
People and Businesses Currently Participating  
Number Who's in the crowd Position in the Painting
01 Hamishes Hoose Paisley Small Tent near the front
02 Lawrence Gilgallon Main Character at the front
03 Brian Kerr At the pond with a guitar and boat
04 John Smith Coming up the hill with camera
05 Paul Black Near Hamishes with a dog
06 Maureen and Child At the swing park
07 Margaret On path at the cross road
08 Mrs Ingrid At the end of swing park
09 Mrs Pinker and Husband On Path near swing park
10 George Eston On the milddle of the path near the front
11 Cafe Su Cafe Su on the path
12 Evelyn Byars near the front
13 Margaret's Chic Boutique Small stall next to Hamishes tent
14 Lee's Diner On the path near the main front
15 Jim Potts "
16 Diane potts "
17 Daughter 1 "
18 Daughter 2 "
19 Robert from the Butchers On the main path
20 Ally McDonald Near the pond with kids
21 Fergus McDonald Near the pond with kids
22 Marsie and her mum Near the bounce castle
23 Gary and Jennifer Hughes Near the pond with kids
24 Marie and Hughie Near the pond with her Dad
25 Alex's Barber shop Option 4 in the centre
26 Mrs Mason Near the main gate
27 Paul from the Arts Centre John Byrne with easel
28 Steven 1st in the Bungalow crowd
29 Rows Brows Near Barshaw Park Monument
30 Shivy near the back with red hat
31 Courtney next to shivy
32 Julia With mum Barbara at the back
33 Barbara with easel
34 Annette at the pond
35 Gosha and child At Cafe Su
36 John Ried and wife Near the 2nd train
37 Lisa and child At Cafe Su
38 Fiona At Cafe Su
39 McKellar Accountancy Near Lee's Diner
40 Mrs Martain Behind the 2nd train with purple jumper
41 Mr Martain With St. Mirren top
42 Mrs Boyd (Mother) Pink Jumper
43 Steve Watson Playing Guitar next to John Byrne
44 Jacquline Next to Barbara
45 June Next to Barbara
46 Time Check Behind Hamishes Hoose
47 Tom's Sticks/Canes and Prints In Kilt near the front
48 Mr & Mrs Kelly Near the pond and the path
49 Shuttle Car Repairs Near main gate next to the Bungalow
50 Anna Next to Annette at the pond
51 David Ross At the pond Black T shirt
52 Stacy Ross With pram next to David
53 Dean Sands At the pond
54 Jacquiline McGee At the pond
55 Eddy At the pond
56 Tom Wilson On the path with a tie
57 Lisa far right with Lyndsey at the table
58 Eat Small tent near the pond
59 Alison and Children All near the Swing park
60 Emily "
61 Harvey "
62 Chole "
63 Mary Stuart and 3 small kids Near the Eat tent
64 Steven & Sharon Other side of pond with a yellow boat
65 Sharon "
66 Near the Bungalow and Lees Diner
67 George & Stacy Adam Near the front row
68 Stacy Near the front
69 Bungalow Bar large Tent
70 Fred McNeill With "PIL" T shirt near the bungalow
71 Paul McNeill Shirt and Tie Security
72 David with George and Stacy Adam no hat and sunglasses
73 Florette Flowers Bride and Groom Wedding Set with flowers
74 Paisley Local Market Small Aeroplane with banner


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